Mark V - 9/16/2017   *****  Dr. Eckley and staff are always the best. I truly feel better after every visit.

Ronald K - 9/12/2017***** Great!

Denis T - 9/11/2017   ***** Once again I was treated with kindness, care & professionalism.

Ron K - 9/11/2017      *****  In the midst of a busy weekend Dr. Eckley stepped in on Sunday and provided a much                                                                needed service. Thank you very much.

Mary B - 9/10/2017   ***** Dr. Eckley is wonderful! A true professional who cares about his patients health and                                                                   well- being. The entire staff is friendly, warm and invested in the patients. I highly                                                                      recommend Community Chiropractic & Wellness Center to all my family and friends!

Michael G - 9/4/2017***** I always feel relief after an adjustment. Dr. Eckley truly cares about the whole picture                                                                of his patients' wellness. I am so thankful I was referred to him.

Anon - 8/30/2017      ***** Thank you! You have helped out our family on various occasions when we have needed                                                             adjustments. We much prefer holistic treatment than medication! Your office rocks!                                                                 Your massage therapy services are a plus.

Anon - 8/28/2017        **** This was my first visit with Dr. Eckley and I was very impressed. He takes his time with                                                             you and explains in detail what he discovers out of alignment with my back, neck,                                                                        shoulders and hips and the procedure he is performing to correct the misalignment.

Debbie L - 8/18/2017 ***** Amazing, friendly, very professional and you can see the sincerity for your well-being                                                              the  moment you walk in! Love this place and all the staff too! Highly recommend:)

Donna S - 8/10/2017 ***** As always, Dr. Eckley is thorough, friendly and the staff is wonderful.

Anon - 8/03/2017       ***** Dr. Eckley is the best Chiro in Michigan.

Rosanne S - 7/24/17  ***** Dr Eckley has a way of making my pain go away!

Ellen N - 7/19/2017   ***** Very professional. Dr Eckley also explained what he was doing and also asked if I had                                                                  any questions.

Ed S - 07/12/2017        ***** Always treated professinally and in a friendly manner too.

Ellen K - 7/07/2017    ***** Everyone was very friendly. Dr. Eckley is very knowledgeable and took my concerns very                                                           seriously. I would highly recommend this practice.

Lisa S - 7/06/2017      ***** Dr. Eckley is always able to provide me with instant relief. Incredible knowledge and                                                                  expertise!

Denis T - 7/3/2017     ***** Doc is professional, kind and an excellent communicator. I felt comfortable and safe at                                                            all times.

Pam R - 6/30/2017    *****  Dr. Eckley always listens to me before adjusting me. He always explains what he is doing.                                                        I never feel like he is in a rush, even though there may be people waiting...I enjoy                                                                        chatting with he and his wife, who is the receptionist. They feel like family.

Mike G - 6/30/2017   ***** As always, I leave the office feeling refreshed and pain free.

Dawn F - 6/21/2017   ***** Best relief without medication

Nolan F - 6/21/2017  *****  that felt good

Victoria S - 5/26/17   *****  I love coming here! Started in 2016 with lots of low back pain because of two jobs and                                                                going to school and they were able to get my back to not have any pain during the day.                                                              Recently, I went back because I had more problems going on. I'm excited because on                                                                  the 1st visit I felt more relaxed and not tense or tight when I left. Great team!

Sue M - 5/25/2017     ***** The staff at Community Chiropractic is friendly and accommodating. I was able to get                                                               an appointment the same day that I called. Dr. Eckley is very good at what he does!                                                                      After my adjustment I felt relief in my pained areas and am looking forward to  my                                                                      next adjustment to gain even more relief. 

Anon - 5/20/2017         **** It's a bit too soon to give an overall review. I'm not able to say I've improved since my                                                              first visit. I imagine it will take more time. I'm willing to wait. However, I can comment                                                            on the first visit as far as the staff, they were very kind, patient as well. Dr. Eckley took                                                            his time with my visit and explained everything he thought would help my issues. I was                                                            comfortable and look forward to seeing results.

Ruth  P - 5/12/17         ***** I had a very thorough evaluation and treatment at my appointment and was very                                                                        impressed by everyone in the office.

Jennifer M - 5/7/17    ***** Always a wonderful experience!

Silvia G - 3/17/2017   ***** The Dr. and his assistants were incredibly sweet and helpful. I felt comfortable with the                                                            treatment. My body felt 90% better a few hours after my first treatment and 100% 24 hrs                                                          later. Incredible!

Nolan F - 2/24/2017  ***** Just what the doctor ordered!

Anon - 02/22/2017    ***** Pleasant,and I walked out of there way better than when I went in.

Rosanna W - 2/19/17      *** After my first visit, I agree with the reviewers that the doctor and his team provided a                                                              caring and thoroughly positive experience. Unfortunately however, I did not get relief                                                              from my neck pains; my neck actually feels worse today. I do plan to return for another                                                            treatment.

Laura T - 2/18/2017    *****Dr. Eckley was very thorough for my first visit. We spent an hour going through my                                                                    history, checking where I may need to be adjusted and then getting adjusted. He talked                                                            through everything he did so that I  would understand. I highly recommend him.

Vickie H - 01/24/2017*****very nice relaxing experience

Rosanne S - 1/22/17    *****Experience was great and I feel much better!

Michael D - 1/08/17     *****very informative! 30 years in the business really paid off!

Edward S -12/29/2016***** It is nice when you walk in with pain and walk out feeling better. I have been to a                                                                          number of chiropractors in the past, glad I finally found Dr. Eckley and his health                                                                        care team.

Dina S - 12/29/2017     ***** The chiropractic service is outstanding and the trapeutic massage creates a great                                                                        full circle treatment experience.

Jennifer F - 12/26/17    ***** Dr. Eckley is awesome!!! 


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