Neck Pain


  • Neck Pain Including Arm/Hand Pain & Numbness, Tingling
  • Pain Radiating into the Upper Back & Shoulder
  • Headache Pain Originating in the Neck
  • TMJ and Facial Pain

Neck pain, including pain radiating into the arm or hand, usually responds very well to chiropractic treatment.  There may be numbness or tingling in the arm or hand associated with it.  I often recommend exercise, massage and a new form of traction for the neck called cervical expanding ellipsoidal traction (CEET) along with Activator Method treatment for the fastest possible relief from neck pain.  Using the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique can result in

fast relief without cracking, popping or twisting the neck.

The Activator Method is appropriate care for patients with neck pain, soreness and stiffness who have not found relief from other treatments (including chiropractic).

Nerve impingement in the neck can cause shoulder and upper back problems.  This is because the nerves which supply the shoulder and part of the upper back originate in the neck.  Problems in this area are often complicated by poor posture and ergonomics, especially while working at a computer.  Pain in this region can also be a sign of digestive problems which are referring pain and stiffness with muscle tightness to the shoulder joint complex.  This is more common than most doctors realize and if the doctor isn't looking for it, the digestive origin of the problem won't be correctly diagnosed and treated.

Headache pain is frequently caused from nerve impingement in the neck, especially the upper neck.  I suffered with migraine headaches for years and found that chiropractic care was the only approach that helped me.  I haven't had a migraine headache since starting chiropractic treatment -  
that was over 35 years ago.  While not all my migraine cases receive the same excellent results that I personally received, most patients that I accept with migraine headaches improve significantly. 

If you have neck problems and would like to meet with me to personally discuss your situation, I offer a free consultation visit.  This visit is a 15 to 20 minute appointment.  The purpose of this time with you is to advise you concerning your health problems using my 30+ years of professional expertise.

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