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Hip pain can be difficult to diagnose properly because pain from several other nearby structures can mimic hip pain.  True hip joint pain will hurt at the side of the pelvis where the leg attaches, or in the groin area, or even in the buttocks.  Sometimes there is pain in all three areas.  Pain in the hip can also radiate down the side of the leg towards the knee.  At times the pain is aching and at times it is sharp and stabbing.  It can stop you in your tracks when it is a sharp pain.  It can influence which car you buy and what bed you sleep on.  It can make you chronically tired from poor sleep and depressed from the limits imposed on your activities.

I experience hip pain myself on a regular basis and it has led to a personal and professional interest in helping people who suffer with hip pain get

Relief without drugs, cortisone shots or surgery

The most effective treatments I have found during my 35+ years as a chiropractor include a specialized form of traction for the hip joint which can be especially effective when combined with exercise, massage and Activator Method treatment.  Foot orthotics can be helpful in some cases to keep the feet from rolling inwards, or pronating, which can place a chronic pulling strain further up the leg in the hip joint itself.

The Activator Method is an innovative technique used to help with hip pain when structural imbalance is found in the pelvis and lower extremities.  It is a unique low force approach to chiropractic care which uses a hand held instrument called an Activator to deliver treatment to the body's framework.  It has been used safely since the 1960s on patients of all ages to help with a wide range of health problems.

The Activator instrument uses a controlled, fast thrust which is comfortable for patients.  With the Activator instrument there is

no cracking, popping or twisting of the pelvis

used in traditional chiropractic methods.  Most people, including children and seniors, experience immediate improvement with Activator treatment.

The Activator Method is an appropriate treatment for many patients with hip pain including stiffness and soreness who have not found relief from other treatments (including chiropractic).

Nutritional enzyme therapy using the Loomis System can also help reduce inflammation when there is a nutritional component to hip pain and inflammation.

If you have hip problems and would like to meet with me to personally discuss your situation, I offer a free consultation visit.  This visit is a 15 to 20 minute appointment.  The purpose of this time with you is to advise you concerning your health problems using my 30+ years of professional expertise. 

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