Back Pain

  • Low Back Pain Including Leg Pain & Numbness, Tingling
  • Hip Pain
  • Upper Back and Shoulder Pain
  • Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain, including pain radiating into the buttocks or down the back of the leg, usually responds very well to chiropractic treatment.  Exercise, massage and traction are often used in conjunction with Activator Method treatment to rehabilitate and strengthen the back.  The Activator Method is often effective for patients with back pain, soreness and stiffness who have not found relief from other treatments (including chiropractic).

When hip pain is originating from a hip joint problem, it can radiate pain into the buttocks or groin, or both areas.  It can also send pain down the side of the leg.  Treatment of the hip joint and associated tissues is a subspecialty of mine.  I use a specialized form of traction in the hip joint which can be extremely effective for hip pain when combined with exercise, massage and Activator Method treatment.

Upper back and shoulder pain can be troublesome because they can be persistent problems
at times.  They are often complicated by poor posture and ergonomics, especially while working at a computer.  We all make activity choices every day that help or hinder recovery and daily function.  Part of our treatment is to teach people how to make good choices to help with recovery and staying well.

Pain in the chest wall in either the back or front can be from a rib joint needing treatment.  I've seen many cases over the years of rib pain which was severe enough to cause a patient to go the the emergency room thinking they were having a heart attack.  Of course, the staff at the ER need to do a cardiac workup when they hear the patient complain of chest pain to rule out myocardial infarction (MI).  When the ER physician finds no sign of a MI, he reasonably suspects rib cage pain and might recommend chiropractic care for treatment.  The good news is that rib pain usually responds very quickly to chiropractic treatment.

Symptoms in the upper back and shoulder region can be a sign of digestive problems which are referring pain, soreness and stiffness into the region.  This is more common than many doctors realize and if the doctor isn't looking for it, the digestive origin of the problem won't be correctly diagnosed.  This can often be effectively treated with nutrition in the form of digestive enzymes.  Click here to learn more about enzyme therapy.
Back pain during pregnancy is quite common and very treatable.  Pregnancy is a time in a woman's life when many physical changes are happening rapidly and specialized care is needed to support these changes.  The Activator Method, massage and exercise are ideal therapies to support a healthy birth.  Deserving special notice: The nausea of the 1st trimester can often be relieved with enzyme therapy.

If you have back problems and would like to meet with me to personally discuss your situation, I offer a free consultation visit.  This visit is a 15 to 20 minute appointment.  The purpose of this time with you is to advise you concerning your health problems using my 30+ years of professional expertise.

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