Activator Method

The Activator Method is a unique low force approach to chiropractic care which uses a hand held instrument called an Activator to deliver treatment to the framework of the body.  It has been used safely since the 1960s on patients of all ages to help with a wide range of health problems.

The Activator instrument uses a controlled, fast thrust which is comfortable for patients.  With Activator instrument treatment there is

no cracking, popping and twisting of the spine

used in traditional chiropractic treatment methods.  Most people, including children and seniors, find the often immediate relief of my instrument treatment enjoyable.

The Activator Method is an appropriate treatment for many patients with back pain, neck pain and headache pain with stiffness and soreness who have not found relief from other treatments (including chiropractic).  To learn more about the Activator Method, click here and visit the Activator website.

If you have health problems and would like to meet with me to personally discuss your situation, I offer a free consultation visit.  This visit is a 15 to 20 minute appointment.  The purpose of this time with you is to advise you concerning your health problems using my 30+ years of professional expertise.

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